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Retrospective Sojourn: A Year-End Blog

Retrospective Sojourn
A Year-End Blog

In a land so far away that I don’t even know the name of the place, there lived a beautiful elf that is discerned by the name Ashkire. She wanted to get married someday to a mere human but the elven law forbids it. With that said, they ran away from the woods to get married and oh, this isn’t really part of my year-end blog entry. Let’s begin?

It’s been a heck of a roller coaster ride for that year, 2009. The unexpected came as titans fall with the global economic recession and whatnot during that year. Individuals lost jobs and were left in debt due to the unstable economic market. But hey, that will all be part our history books.

In that year it was, I have learned great lessons in life from other individuals who I have met and became friends with. With them coming to aisle, others left through the exit doors with reasons undisclosed. Who cares about them leaving? They’re not of significant importance. Concerning the lesson learned, I still stumble upon that expression from my Differential Calculus professor and I quote her, “Laban kung laban. Patay kung patay” in which I had applied in Digital and Logic Designs, a course under my degree, wherein hope was little for those with little faith to pass the aforesaid course. I still remember those words inscribed in the pin of that professor – “Got Faith?” I hold on to my faith that I will pass and I did and of course, with the aid of friends that taught me with my difficulties. With those people that I’ve met, I say thank you for coming to that same aisle and for leaving lessons in that aisle’s wall.

It was on the 26th of September when massive flood had hit Manila due to typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana). Many cities that of Marikina, Cainta, Pasig, some parts of Quezon City and Rizal were submerged into deep waters. Many lost their homes, families and livelihood due to the said typhoon and it was said to be worse than the flood in 1967. A week after, another weather disturbance came in the name of typhoon Pepeng (Parma) and its wrath centered Northern Luzon. The region suffered the same fate or even worse as of those in Metro Manila. Again, many were left homeless, missing and some found but were already dead. With that said, my brother and I temporarily evacuated from our house in Pasig to Robinson’s Place Residences in Pedro Gil, it was our tito and tita’s condo unit. We stayed there for almost two weeks far away from the care of our mother. We learned to become, somehow, independent even though our tita was always there to assist us. It was one heck of an experience to see shallow waters in the heart of Metro Manila and be far from home.

I learned how to act a native story on a stage with my colleagues in Literature class, danced the tango during my last Physical Education, kept the faith and passed in the Digital and Logic Designs class even though that light of hope narrowed, aided the survivors of the typhoons through cosplays with the event entitled Jizen Haku: A “Cause”-play Event together with our group, UE Red Shield and the lot of which I can no longer remember for I am getting old and suffering from short term memory.

Kidding aside, that year it was will be remembered and the experiences stumbled upon will be carried over to this coming year, 2010, as to not commit the same mistakes and fall down again.

I can no longer make a list of the people who took the time to take a ride with me. Well, let’s wrap this up. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Dave Tan greeting you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year and it will be again my privilege to let you join my ride for 2010!

Para makaiwas sa disgrasya, iputok mo sa labas. 
(To avoid unwanted consequences, kindly shoot outside.)

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Posted by Dave Tan
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