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EDSA Sesenta Nueve

Ilang EDSA revolution ba ang gusto ng mga Pilipino? Hanggang sesenta nueve ba? Kapag napatalsik nyo ang binoto niyong presidente, sino ang ipapalit nyo? Tatanggalin nyo rin ba sya kapag ayaw nyo ang pamamalakad nya gaya ng nauna? [ How many EDSA revolution does the Filipino people want? Up to 69? If ever you successfully impeached the president that you have voted, who will you choose to take his position? If ever you are not satisfied with the system of the newly-seated one, will you do the same to him like the first? ]

Yan ang tanong ko sa bawat Pilipino na sumasali sa mga rally, nakikisaling-pusa at sa mga tambay na walang magawa kung kaya't nakiki-rally din sila. Ano nga ba ang nakukuha nyo pagtapos maging matagumpay ang layunin niyo bukod sa pagod at gutom? Ano ba ang magadang dulot nito sa bansa bukod sa pagiging bakante ang upuan ng MalacaƱang?

Naging parte na nga ng sistema natinng mga Pilipino na kapag ayaw natin sa isang pinuno ay dinadaan natin sa lakas ng masa. Nakita din natin ito sa administrasyon ni Pangulong Arroyo kung saan kabi-kabilang rallies ang naganap para siya'y mapatalsik ngunit sa bandang huli, na kay Pangulong Arroyo pa rin ang huling halakhak at magagawa nya pa ring tapusin ang kanyang termino. At least, may natupad sya sa mga sinabi nya sa huling State of the Nation Address noong 2009 and I quote:
"At the end of this speech I shall step down from this stage, but not from the Presidency. My term does not end until next year. Until then, I will fight for the ordinary Filipino. The nation comes first. There is much to do as Head of State—to the very last day."
May narinig nga ako sa balita dati, tinanong ang isang ralihista kung para saan daw ba ang rally na sinalihan nya at ang sagot - hindi daw nya alam basta nandun daw sya para sa kanyang personal na rason. Lahat na siguro ng susunod pang mga EDSA revolution ay pawang trip na lang. Lahat ng kasali ay may personal na intensyon o di kaya'y gusto lang nila makisali dahil nandun ang mga barkada nila.

Sa huli, kakainin lang tayo ng realidad na wala ng makakagawa ng isa pang tunay na People Power na pinamunuan ni dating Pangulong Corazon Aquino. Yun lang ang tanging maisusulat sa kasaysayan at hahangaan ng iba. Kung meron mang sumulpot na gaya nya at mamumuno ng walang takot, siguro sa EDSA Sesenta Nueve pa.
Friday, April 23, 2010
Posted by Dave Tan
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First blog for the year. My indolence ate me when I was bound to express my ideas in this blog of mine. Anyhow, let's proceed with what I have in mind before laziness strikes me again.

Another academic year is over so as the thought of being a junior. Everything went well, managed to pass all my enrolled courses with grades I am satisfied of. Indeed, last semester might be one of the semesters to remember aside from the perspective of having to graduate. We had our thesis writing class in that semester and to cut it short for the lazy people like me out there, we did not only managed to pass but pass as the top two (2) thesis defenders of the computer science department.

What really happened before that defense day was all history and few did know what me and my other groupmate had to endure. We were four in the group. You might be asking what the other two did, yes, they did something but not to the extent of what we did that of sleeping at around 3AM everyday to have that thesis constructed. You might also say that I have a personal grudge, and I will be very blunt to say a yes to that and this is my way to relieve that grudge and forget everything. A big gap in communication, as said by a friend, was the factor to why only two of us did most, if not all, of the documentation processes.

I have to say that I lost my patience back then and sent them a somewhat blunt message to have their minds open. One replied and told what she had in her mind and retorted with an answer that me and group member A are the only ones able to understand what should be done and that I never assign such specific tasks to them. I am not a dictator to tell you what to do and have it done in a span of time. I am more of a democrat wherein we must do this as a whole, as a group that of you approaching to me and ask what else can be done than me having to give you a set of what-to-do and only to find out that you cannot handle it. Anyhow, I wanted to respond to her claim but being an educated person and having to know that this will only lead to irrelevant arguments, I opted to accept the opinion. I could care less if ever they read this. Seriously.

Enough of the crap and let's get rolling with what is essential. We managed to literally rush the documentation. Rush in the sense of having to complete it one month prior to the deadline. How we did it? Try sleeping at three o'clock everyday in the morning and you'll see. Defense date came and I managed to be calm all the way. We answered the necessary questions although there were several dead air moments and just smiled. But to sum it up, we did a satisfactory performance. It ended and we still have to wait for the results in the next coming days.

After a few days of the defense for all those who took it and passed, there was this recognition event to honor the top five defenders from the Information Technology and Computer Science department. Only group member A was able to attend the said event. Personally and not being hypocritical about it, I was expecting to be at any rank of the top five but did not expect landing second. Well, it was all theoretical due to the fact that there were few computer science students who took their thesis, most were friends of ours as well.

I am now cutting the bragging rights portion. Our group consisted of ordinary students and ordinary in the sense of not being scholars, having an exceeding beyond expectation grades, an excellent intellectual capacity and the what-not of an ordinary student. What I want to say is that, not because you're the ordinary type who sits and sleeps in classroom discussions is that it will be a reason for you not to go beyond what is essential and ride the same boats that of those outstanding students. Not because you're not known in your college as an individual is that you will just sit there and remain so.

I can proudly say and end this blog with imparting to all of you that we are the living examples that you too can attain what you dream of despite whatever academic background you have. You might not be the top student of your time or one of them who has straight-A's, but with proper determination, you too can fly and manage your own plane and who knows, you might fly higher than them and exceed other people's expectations.
Thursday, April 22, 2010
Posted by Dave Tan
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