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Of Cristy Fermin

This was all about the airing of TV 5's Juicy, an entertainment news talk about the controversial people in show business, dated July 5, 2010. The segment was a blind item about an athlete who recently got separated  from a popular celebrity and if you had been watching news the couple of weeks, you know who I am referring to. The anchors in that segment made comments unpleasant to the ears of the mass. It was like listening to a I-want-to-judge-you-so-badly-that-you'll-shit-bricks portion rather than a blind item of some sorts. The thing that made the scene grotesque is when one anchor said how stupid and dumbfounded the blind item person is and what made it worse was when Cristy Fermin at 1:40 on the video, took unto account University of the East's name into the mudslinging arena with words, "Kaya pala sa UE nalang sya nag-aral." (That's why he went to UE to study.) And to that I raise my middle finger.

I was then again asked by a professor at University of the East of what can I say about the horrendous remark made by Cristy and my answer can be found at a screenshot below:

My response was made after I had watched  the said video and I do not regret, whatsoever, the statements I had said.

Again, what more could we expect from here? Nakapag-aral s'ya ng walang pinag-aralan. Kaya nga siya natanggal sa ABS-CBN dahil sa mga iskandalosong komento nya at tila di pa sya nadala. Gusto nya rin sigurong matanggal ulit sa trabaho. (She was educated without ethics, morality and integrity. That's why she lost her job at network giant ABS-CBN for slanderous remarks against Ms. Nadia Montenegro and yet she has not learned her lesson. I think she wants to be fired again.) You can read an article about that issue here. Prior to that, she was also convicted by the Supreme Court of the Philippines of libel and was ordered to pay a fine and damages caused to couple Anabelle Rama and Eddie Guttierez instead of having to serve a term in jail that was issued by the lower court.

Moving on, she could have just said the blind item's name and not have to include any institution, related or unrelated to the aforementioned but by having said the institution's name, you generalize the community as a whole. And then again, what more could we expect from a famacide journalist who seems to have a credibility below the ordinate of a Cartesian plane? What more could we expect from someone who is not discernible of the codes of professional journalism? What more could we expect from a person who slanders to make for a living? And if you're asking to yourselves, "Saan bang eskwelahan nanggaling yang si Cristy at kala mo kung sino magsalita?" (Where did Cristy took her education to have her brag like that?) I would like to take the liberty not to mention what institution she came from for if ever I made such comments against it, I would be compared to her or maybe even far worse than her monstrous attitude.

If there would be someone from the Legal Affairs Department of University of the East to leap onto this issue, it would be of great action to take journalist like Cristy out of the scene as to not stain the principles of the said field. I am not that good at law but I do believe a slander lawsuit can be filed of which can follow a slander retraction which must be requested twenty (20) days from the time you learned about the slander or maybe a libel suit would do.

Anyhow, I would like to see actions against her filed as to teach her a lesson she has forgotten overtime.

I am from University of the East speaking loud and proud.
Sunday, July 11, 2010
Posted by Dave Tan
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