Posted by : Dave Tan Thursday, October 4, 2012

Have you heard what happened before the event? The registration processes, the queue of lines and all? If not, click here.

The result of the most anticipated event had certain issues attached to it which is now roaming around the University from faculty members, to students and alumni and probably the fishball vendor outside the University knows of it. But little do they know what this issue was, of what really happened that night.

The top five candidates for both male and female were about to be called at about ten o'clock in the evening. Two judges had already left that of ABS-CBN's Martin Del Rosario and Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2012 Janine Tugonon. Three judges, if not mistaken were now present, a representative from Globe Telecommunications, former Red Warrior now Rain or Shine basketball player Mr. Paul Lee and UE Mass Communication graduate and Executive Marketing Director of UK Derm Phils Ms. Gretchen Tamayo.

The top five candidates were already called for the question and answer portion. The representatives for the male were from the College of Business Administration, Dentistry, Computer Studies and Systems and two from Caloocan campus. On the other hand, the females were from the College of Computer Studies and Systems, Business Administration, Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Dentistry. You know the drill right? They'd pick a random number corresponding to one of the judges and the latter gets to ask the questions.

And it's almost time for the results as the Q&A portion had ended and here's where the catch starts. Results were now being tallied by the Research and Development Unit as they were responsible for the automated tallying for the night and there seemed to be some fuss over the results for the person who'd be crowned as Mr. University of the East 2012. There was a tie. Yes, you read that right, same scores for two male representatives vying for the title.

A former University Student Council officer was also there to see what's happening. On that note, since they do not want to go with a tie-breaker, they opted for a judge to decide who should win. Yes, only one judge was given the utmost privilege for if not mistaken, the other judges had already left. Correct me if not mistaken, but the University Student Council was not able to anticipate such cases as they have not included such tie-breaking situations in their mechanics when they had started the event. All they said were that of the corresponding percentages to the criteria of the pageant.

I would take the liberty to not tell the judge's name who had been given that privilege to decide. Well, there were only three judges left that night, so that narrows your options. Though you can ask me by direct messaging or tweeting your concern @ Talk about shameless plug.

Anyhow, that aside, several professors from the College of Arts and Sciences also came to knowledge of what happened as they were already keen on who would win that night only to have their fearless forecasts shattered. Other faculty members from other colleges of who I am sure of had also came to this information. Students are also talking about it from here in Manila to Caloocan but certain facts needed to be pointed out as to not disseminate the wrong information thus this blog.

When concerns like these happen, it's like taking down the credibility and integrity of the whole show and it leads to the point that the whole show was orchestrated. If ever you would doubt the information that there was a tie in scores for the top two candidates, I would then challenge the University Student Council to show the tally sheets and  score results and if not, I could also humbly ask the Research and Development Unit to provide one hoping that they still have such copies.

This blog post is in no way created to have me garner attention or to attack an individual or an organization. Boasting aside, I had already had my fair-share of attention during my undergraduate years. This blog post's only intention is to cater the people of what really happened that night so as to straighten the facts from what allegedly happened.

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