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"I did not fight for a political position for myself but for an idea. Winning or losing is secondary. We fight for an idea—an idea of competence. Basic education reform, college graduate opportunities for every family, food security, genuine sustainable agrarian reform, localized peace processes, strong foreign relations, and several others." (Teodoro, G., 2010.)

I gave Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro my support last May 10 not because of his proficient academic attainments or his resourcefulness in speaking to the Filipino masses about his realistic and doable platforms but because of the political savvy he has as a leader. That savvy is not taught in any government position or in those well-known graduate schools, but I saw it with this man.  Too bad, he will be the president we never had. Even though he did not win this election, I can still proudly say that I am one of the approximately 3.6 million  people who intelligently chose who they think is fit to run for six years as the president of our country and my unwavering support is still with him until he runs again for public office. If you will still further ask, "Why Gibo?  Why not Erap?" My answer will still be: "For I believe in him."

In Teodoro’s refusal to mud-sling and appeal to the lowest common denominator in electoral politics; in his defiance to play the blame-the-media game; and in his stubborn refusal to accommodate party interests, I see principle. I see something I can consider to be moral integrity, the sort neither Aquino nor Villar understands. (Perez, M., 2010.)

Mr. Teodoro had both the character and competence to run for the presidency. He did not play the that-survey-is-statistically-incorrect or the blame-the-media game for instead of wasting his time seeking for publicity, he went to provinces and got to know more people. He stood away from the limelight unlike those who threw mud on national television for reasons to clear their name of the allegations that they claim to be false but drew most of their attention to it.

But the campaign ends here with more than twelve (12) million people having to comfortably cast their vote for presidential front-runner Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III. After all, he's an Aquino and the child of the late democratic icon President Corazon Aquino so, that gave him all the support he needs to make a landslide victory.

Southeast Asia including United States of America, Australia and Canada have their eyes on the incoming president and the issues that need to be addressed that of first, the issue on Hacienda Luisita which came to be the perfect example of a failure in agrarian reform. They are watching what can another Aquino do and can he eliminate the elitism in our country with his mother, along with the previous presidents that had failed to do so. He has lots of matters to tackle on and appearing on national television every now and then will not be much of help.

You may now be irritated with how I am judging Mr. Aquino despite him not yet being instilled in office and me being an ordinary person. Well, at the first place no one forced you to read several paragraphs and conclude that I am wrong just because your thoughts are not in conjunction with mine. This blog site is not a space for kids to run around and whine like I took their candy. Though I would appreciate your comment. as long as it does not provide a novel-like opinion. For your novel-like opinion, you can create your own blog site here. Come on, entertain me.

Anyhow, every story must come to an end. It took me awhile to convince myself to type the content of this blog as I have promised not to write political articles as they provide a storyline that has an infinite loop programmed. In other words, it translates the same stories, same political agenda and whatever trash that loops for publicity. And with Mr. Aquino soon being the next president, it's like going back to 1898 wherein we'll have again the historical People Power. Well, it would be quite ironic to see another people power wherein the agenda of those joining is to oust the son of a democratic icon. That is a must see.

To end this, may Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro do well with all his endeavors in life and Godbless the Philippines.

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  1. Sometimes "Vox Populi" or the gist of democracy does not pay.

    "A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine." T. Jefferson

    I have understood your opinion and for the necessity of this blog --- your idea. I can't blame you but rather I want to applaud you for not making it to the bandwagon. For I myself have casted my one vote for Teodoro.

    And so for Mr. Aquino, (I resist to call him Sen. hitherto cos a legislator like him wasn't able to pass even a law) I am heeding a lot of attention to him. First, a promise made, that if He'll win, he have to give the 80% of Hacienda's vast land. Second is that, to avoid interference that his STD-stricken sister Kris may give unto his presidency, Kris would have to emigrate from Philippines. So as of now, I am waiting for Kris' "despidida".

    From the start, I have no admirations to Aquino family. This may be come as a blasphemy, but for Chrissake for this goddamn country, my family nor I, have put any favorable remarks to that family. Take note, we are not a pro-Marcos rather.

    Aside from the courage she had shown (Cory on EDSA) she was but a mere "failure". Now, plus Noynoy and Kris, the hell we have for this millennium.

    Now back to the context,looks like Aquino got what he wanted. Looks like his supporters got what they wanted. Time will tell if he can and will give the country what it wants. Congratulations to them. (Sourgraping)

  2. Seems like Noynoy gets what he wants and his supporters really get what they want.

    "Vox Populi" and democracy in the Philippines is now a mob rule. The phony, hideous, selfish ambition of 51 may be realized as well by taking effacing the rights of 49 in a hundred.


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